Homework Should Be Banned: 10 Not-So-Obvious Reasons

Students and teachers are going to argue about whether or homework makes any sense. There is no question that time is precious and has to be used wisely. We may have reached the point in academia where homework is a barrier and not much help. There are some reasons why it should not be assigned at all.

  1. It Can Be Excessive. Some teachers feel that afterschool assignments should be very comprehensive. They ask students to do far more than is necessary for the learning process.

  2. It Doesn’t Really Help in Learning. Not every student has access to educational resources. It is better to have instruction in a team settings in the classroom, or knowledge to be shared among peers.

  3. It Robs a Student Of Precious Free Time. Teachers have to recognize there is more to a young person’s life that doing afterschool projects. Assigning too much robs this person of needed spare time.

  4. Homework Can Harm Test Grades. A student is going to have to study for examinations, and these are ordinarily count more than after school work when it comes to the final grade. Insufficient time to study for test can result in lower scores, and lower grades as a consequence.

  5. It Increases Stress Levels on a Young Person. A boy or girl experiences a great deal of physical changes before the age of 21. Increase work after school creates the level of stress and anxiety that is harmful.

  6. Too Much Work Can Be Harmful to Health. It is not just the stress but also the lack of sleep. Students working until the late hours of the evening on afterschool projects do not get the sleep they need.

  7. It Is Demoralizing. Students want to be able to enjoy the experience of learning. Piling on the home after school can make them hate the thought of going to class.

  8. Some Students May Have to Work. There are any number of young people having to help support their families. They do this with part-time work and may need the extra hours to earn needed income.

  9. It Doesn’t Necessarily Help Achievement. The grading system of the given class can defeat the purpose. A student may better improve his or her grade with the class participation or test results. Removing the afterschool assignments required will allow this person to concentrate more on what is really necessary for good grades.

  10. There Are Better Alternatives. Tutoring is a better means of learning outside of class. There is less stress and better information is shared and gained.