The Ultimate Guide For Finding Homework Answers On The Web

Sometimes your homework is incredibly hard, incredibly boring, or you just don’t have time to work out all of the answers. No matter what your situation is, there is always a solution on the web.

Find Past Paper Mark Schemes

If it’s an exam-type question, there is no harm in finding the answers from the mark scheme it is actually from. If you already know which paper it is from, type in these things into your search bar:

  • The exam board

  • The month and year of the exam

  • The level (for example GCSE or AS Level)

Following this, you should find the past paper mark scheme and you should go through it to find your question. Just a tip – don’t copy the mark scheme exactly, because your teacher will probably notice that.

If you don’t already know which paper it is from, often it will come up if you just copy your question into the search bar, which brings me to my next tip...

Type Your Question In

Even if your question is not from a past paper, one of the easiest ways to get an answer for any question whatsoever is to type it in directly into the search bar. One of the top results should come up with either the answer or a reference to which past paper it is from (and then you can refer back to my last tip).

Find an Online Calculator

If it is mathematics work you are doing, one of the easiest ways to get quick, fast answers are to find a relevant online calculator. If it’s algebra you are struggling with, find an algebra calculator. If it’s simultaneous equations you’re struggling with, find a simultaneous equation calculator – you get the idea.

There are online calculators for all maths-related questions these days, so you shouldn’t struggle to find one. To find one, simply type ‘fraction calculator’ into your search bar (if it’s fractions you need help with). With this tip, you should be able to finish your assignment really quickly and it will take you almost no effort!

Regardless of the reason you need help with your homework, the internet is always there for you, however, you should try to make sure you don’t do this on a regular basis otherwise you won’t be getting much from it at all. Homework is about helping you improve, and while this is a good last-minute trick, you should really concentrate on improving yourself.