How Homework Affects Students: An Expert's Point Of View

When students get home from school, they refuse to sit and do their homework immediately. Homework is extremely important for the students’ overall school success, so doing it on time is the key element.

However, home assignments can have both negative and positive impact on students’ life. Let’s go through this points in details.

Negative effects of home assignments

According to a study at Stanford School of Education, children that show high performance at school are at greater risk of high level of stress and health issues. It is due to the lack of balance that sometimes leads to alienation from society. These students spend over 3 hours at night doing their home assignments. When students were asked how home assignments affect them, they answered:

  • Headaches

  • Lack of sleep

  • Stomach problems

  • Exhaustion

They reported that due to the high amount of home assignments, they are unable to participate in other activities after school, such as sport, playing with friends, and other hobbies and interests.

Experts concluded the following:

  • The more activities students have outside school, the more stressed they become.

  • Large projects and home assignments should have a lot of warnings before they are due.

  • Teachers should try to do most of the work at school in order to leave the students some pleasure time at home.

  • When the workload becomes larger there is less efficient time used on studying.

  • When a child starts to struggle between school performance and pleasure time, he might develop anxiety, depression or ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder).

Benefits from home assignments

It is true that students should not be overloaded with homework, but teachers say that they have to be engaged at home. They admit that some of the programs do require a lot of effort and students feel frustrated if they can not meet the requirements. In order to overcome that moment, students have to be actively engaged with the program at home. Besides, home assignments sometimes mean family time, because the child spends some time with his family.

These are the positive effect home assignments have on students:

  • Home assignments develop a habit of working at home on assignments

  • Improves remembering and understanding school assignments.

  • Helps in development of study skills.

  • Teaches students that they don’t learn only in the classroom, but anywhere they decide.

  • Fosters responsibility and independence.

  • Teaches management of time.

Experts concluded that teachers should not overload students with homework, but give them appropriately for their age, so that they will be able to develop as a person.