Basic Q&As for Students: Is Homework Harmful or Helpful?

Professionals in the field of education are going to argue back and forth about how effective homework is for students. Some will dismiss it as a waste of time and others are going to look at it as a way of extending the learning experience beyond the classroom. The core of the argument is whether or not this is harmful or helpful to the student.

  • Does It Advance Learning? Some people say that work done after class is the most productive for a student. Others are going to counter the outside assignments only take what little time a student has to explore other subjects that are not related to academia

  • Will Homework make a Person Hate School? It depends. There’s no question that boring work can make school a nightmare. On the other hand if the material work done after class is interesting, it can make a student want to further examine the subject.

  • Is it Dangerous to a Person’s Health? That might sound a little bit odd but there are those who argue that too many homework projects will cause a student to stay up late hours. They consequently do not get enough sleep and become quickly fatigued. Their health could suffer. The response is that it is up to the student to schedule time efficiently. These assignments can actually make a person a better time manager.

  • Does It Help with Social Skills? Believe it or not it can! Some projects require team work and that is beneficial to any student. The modern working world relies more and more on work teams as opposed to individuals working alone. Communication and cooperation skills can be enhanced by groups working outside of the class room.

  • Does Homework make Better Teachers? This is an interesting topic because there are people who think that certain educators make up for shortcomings by assigning too much outside work. The response is teachers have to grade what has been done and that takes a lot of their free time. It is a challenge to the teacher to create interesting assignments that encourages a student to learn more about the subject. In that sense it helps the teacher fine tune his or her educational skills.

This little discussion is ongoing and it probably never will be a final resolution. After school work is an accepted part of any student’s academic career. It must be realized though that tedious assignments are not going to be any advantage to anyone. It is up to the teacher to make sure that whatever is given as a project incentive plans is interesting. That quality will make the learning experience more meaningful.