Reasons Why Homework Is Good: 10 Must-Know Facts

Contrary to popular belief, homework is actually very good for you. I know that to most students who firmly believe that what happens in the classroom should stay in the classroom, this will just not ring true. However, the facts remain that homework and schoolwork go hand in hand. Still not convinced? Here are 10 reasons why:

It allows you to catch up

No-one wants to fall behind in their studies, and doing some extra work away from class can be perfect if you have had a period of absence say for sickness, or an unexpected family emergency. There really is no reason to get left behind.

It plugs gaps in your knowledge

It is widely acknowledged that different people learn at different paces. It is also all too easy to just zone out of lessons from time to time. Doing work in your own time, in a relaxed and informal setting can plug gaps in your knowledge and can indeed accelerate the learning process.

You can complete the whole curriculum

Schools are devious fact. They know that there is no hope of students making their way through the entire curriculum unless they do some out of hours work.

It allows you to bond with your parents

Okay, so this may be more applicable to a first or second grader than a ninth or tenth grade student. However, parents like to feel involved and having the opportunity to work together away from class facilitates this.

You can work at your own pace

In a classroom setting it is easy to see how you may feel rushed, or forced to keep pace with everyone else. The rules are thrown out of the window once you settle down your bedroom to work!

It promotes a sense of personal responsibility

This is really important! Having to do work (especially work that you don’t want to do) in your own time is one of the best ways of promoting personal responsibility. You have a duty to hand your work in on time, every time.

It allows your teacher to get a feel for where you are really at

Handing in assignments that you have completed away from class enables your teacher to get a great feel for where you really are in terms of your academic ability and they can then tailor work to your exact requirements.

It gives you access to the internet

If your parents are reluctant to allow you online time, then this is a great excuse to get online, and maybe, get a bit of free surfing time when you are done!

It can be fun

Yes, really!

It helps your organization skills

In order to complete tasks effectively, you require a certain degree of organization that would be lacking in the classroom, where stuff is made readily available to you. It makes you think about where your stuff is!